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Why ‘The Kennedys’? Well, it’s an homage to the other great man whose name is on the door here. The one with the slightly shaggier beard. Art director, sculptor, philanthropist, and general thought tinkerer, David Kennedy forged one of the most amazing careers in advertising without giving a toss for the rules and conventions of the industry, driven solely by the pureness of an idea.

Since his retirement in 1993, David continues to frequent his messy little nook in the Portland office, wearing his well-worn 501’s, to scribble and scratch in his endless pursuit of creating something new.

The Kennedys are a small group of young creatives selected to take part in Wieden+Kennedy’​s creative accelerator program. They can come from any creative discipline to live together for a period of 7 months, while learning to concept, develop and produce real work for real clients.

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We are looking for writers, photographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, tech developers, game designers, doers, makers, thinkers, schemers and plotters with a personal voice, a unique creative vision and can speak decent english.

We will be in touch early to mid-July if you are one of our finalists.

The Kennedys is open to young talents with a European Union passport. We are looking for people who will be done with school by the time this program begins on September 1st 2017. Previous advertising experience is not necessary.

If you are selected, it’s time to pack your bags and move to Amsterdam. Wieden+Kennedy will cover the expenses for your travel, provide accommodation for 7 months and a minimum-wage salary (which works out pretty well with the free house).

Additionally, you will have a designated space in the office, be provided with a computer and software, and will be granted access to W+K’s facilities (recording spaces, kitchen, gym, art studio, screen printing area, fruit, garden and loads of coffee).

The Kennedys work as a separate group within the agency, on real assignments, with real deadlines. Dedicated mentors are assigned to oversee the group’s work, answer questions, help brainstorm ideas and encourage success. Participants refine their skills to create kick-ass campaigns in every medium, work as a team and master the complicated process of developing effective creative work for clients.

It will not be easy, we will ask a lot from you and you will work very hard. But it will be fun, a lot of fun. You will learn a lot.

Please answer several of the below questions/thought starters. Show us your skills, be creative, surprise us.

  1. How are you?
  2. Show us in one image who you are.
  3. Write a mini play on instagram stories for us - please tag us and include a link or the film in your application
  4. Make a 5 minute film
  5. Little Red Riding Hood meets Donald Trump at a BBQ. What happens?
  6. Create the story of your life using only Youtube clips.
  7. Write a short story where every word contains the letter 'e'.
  8. Make a one take short film that incorporates the following objects: a bucket, ski boots, a cactus, and a musical instrument.
  9. Compose a 20 second song.
  10. You are on a plane and the plane goes down, what do you wish you would have done more in life?
  11. Write or present us with a pilot TV concept.
  12. What is your favorite place on the internet?

Please include your answers, your CV and several work samples in a single PDF (less than 10 MB) by June 15th, 2017. Please embed or use external links within the PDF document for video or animations.

Click on the image to the right to apply! If you still have questions please email us at thekennedys[at]wk.com, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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