Sorry, closed until summer '23

We’ll be accepting applications again in the summer of 2023 for The Kennedys 12. If you’re interested in The Ks please follow us on IG. Good luck on all of your creative endeavours until then. 

Who can apply?

The Kennedys is open to young talent eligible to work in the EU and specifically the Netherlands. 

Application process

We’ll post a brief filled with questions and assignments and give you a few weeks to show us what you’re made of.

If we’re diggin’ your ideas we’ll contact you once or twice in September to get to know you better.

Then, if we like what we see, we’ll ask you to pack your bags and fly you out to Amsterdam. Don’t worry, we’ll cover your travel costs and put you up in our sweet Kennedys housing for 8 months, and pay you a salary (It’s only minimum wage but works out pretty well with the free house).

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No, we love creative minds and people that dont’t think they fit the bill.

No, you must be at least 18.

We’ve hired people into The Kennedys based on how they answered the question for that year. Don’t be afraid to go for it.